iCIS Group Talk - Privacy-enhanced Profile-based Authentication using Random Projection

Morshedul Islam
ICT 618B
Friday, December 2, 2016 - 13:00

The iCORE Information Security Lab (iCIS) is hosting a Group Talk.

Morshedul Islam, PhD candidate and ISPIA and iCIS member, will be presenting.

Abstract:   Profile-based authentication systems store users' profile data at the verifier and use it to verify their  authentication claims. A profile captures user-specific information  that could be privacy sensitive and so a profile-based authentication system leaks additional (to what is required for their authentication) information about the user to the verifier.  We propose a novel non-cryptographic approach to providing privacy for user profiles against an honest-but-curious verifier.  It also allows the correctness of the authentication to remain the same.