iCIS Group Talk - Anonymous Distance Bounding II

Ahmad Ahmadi
ICT 618B
Friday, November 4, 2016 - 13:00

The iCORE Information Security Lab (iCIS) is hosting a Group Talk.

Ahmad Ahmadi, PhD candidate and ISPIA and iCIS member, will be presenting.


Distance bounding (DB) protocol allow a prover to convince a verifier  that they are within a distance bound to the verifier. We consider anonymous distance-bounding protocols that provide security against all known DB attacks, besides providing anonymity of provers against verifier.

Our model provides a natural way of modeling the strongest man-the-middle attack, making security of DB protocols  in line with identification protocols. This model is an extension of the recent distance-bounding identification DBID model, that allows provers to remain anonymous from the verifier. We propose a converter, AnonGDB,  that takes  a specific distance-bounding identification protocol and converts it to an anonymous DB protocol. An important advantage of this protocol is computational efficiency compared to similar protocols, which makes it to be applicable in small devices.