iCIS Group Talk - In-region Location Verification using Distance Bounding

Mamunur Akand
ICT 616
Friday, September 2, 2016 - 13:00

iCIS and ISPIA group member, Mamun Akand, will be presenting on his thesis topic "In-region Location Verification using Distance Bounding."


Location-based services have grown rapidly in recent years. In location-based access control, a user's location information is the basis for granting access to resources and so it is important that location claims are correctly verified. A competing requirement is the users' desire for not revealing their exact location for privacy reasons. In-region location verification systems check if a user is within a region. We propose a privacy enhanced location verification system that uses in-region location verification approach for a given a policy region, and verifies if a location claim is from within the region or not. The novelty of our work is to use distance bounding protocols to construct a pseudo-rectangle (P-rectangle) that is the best cover for the region, and verify the claim with respect to the P-rectangle. We define the error in verification decision, and show that it can be reduced by subdividing the area and using multiple rectangles to cover it. We analyze privacy of the system against an adversary who monitors the radio communication and use it to infer the location of the prover, and provide methods of protecting against this attack. We discuss our results and propose directions for future research.