ISPIA Community Engagement Workshop for the Esso Annuitant Tech Club

Drs Rei Safavi-Naini and Mike Locasto
ICT 618B
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 13:00

Drs Rei Safavi-Naini and Mike Locasto from the Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance (ISPIA) hosted a visit by members of Esso Annuitant Tech Club, all retired engineers and professionals formerly employed with Esso/Imperial Oil. The visit was part of ISPIA outreach program and in response to a request by the group to learn about the security threats and risks in using today's information and communications systems and services. Dr. Locasto gave a talk addressing security questions and concerns that were raised by the group related to malware, e-mail security, WiFi passwords, financial transactions, web browsing safety, and best personal practices for security.

The talk was very well received with comments such as: “This was absolutely wonderful. Thank you.” and “This was fantastic. We hope we can come back again!” ISPIA was presented with an old IBM terminal (>30 years), with a plaque reading, "ISPIA UCalgary: In appreciation of Feb 20 2013 Seminar, Esso Resources Annuitants Technology Club."

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