CASA 2016 - How Social Biometrics and Cognitive Intelligence Changing the Way We Perceive Our World

Professor Marina Gavrilova
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 13:15

ISPIA Board member, Professor Marina Gavrilova, is a keynote speaker at the 29th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

How Social Biometrics and Cognitive Intelligence Changing the Way We Perceive Our World

Our society continues to undergo tremendous growth with respect to all aspects of information access and sharing. It had a profound effect on the way we, humans, and the whole society lives, works and interacts in business and social settings. The terabytes of information being shared through social networks, on-line communities, games, software development tools, e-mails, blogs, posts, etc. is enormous. It also ranges in type: text, images, hyperlinks, likes, network connections, etc. What’s more, human social, behavioral and even cognitive traits are becoming more and more visible through interlinking of heterogeneous communications in on-line and off-line settings. This phenomenon gave rise to the rise of a new concept: Social Biometrics, that attempts to understand and extrapolate trends related to all aspects of human social interactions. The talk is devoted to definitions, examples, case studies and very recent research trends in this domain. The introduced concepts will be further illustrated through three case studies: cognitive multi-modal security system architecture, establishing identity of Twitter users through social networks analysis, and gender recognition of Flickr users based on human aesthetic preferences.

More information is available on CASA's website.