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Institute for Security, Privacy, and Information Assurance (ISPIA)


The Institute for Security, Privacy, and Information Assurance (ISPIA) is a comprehensive research centre drawing on specialized expertise from across the University of Calgary in areas of computer science, engineering, mathematics, business, law, law enforcement, military studies and health. 

Under the umbrella of the University Of Calgary’s Faculty of Science, ISPIA facilitates crosscutting interactions among disciplines while connecting academia, industry, and government.

Along with our partners, ISPIA is conducting ground breaking research that is both fundamental and applied to address key issues facing the cyber domain.


The Centre for Information Security and Crypotgraphy (CISaC) was a multi-disciplinary research centre at the University of Calgary devoted to research and development towards providing security and privacy in information communication systems.  CISaC evolved into the Institute for Security, Privacy, and Information Assurance (ISPIA).  The former CISaC website is archived here.

Addressing cybersecurity challenges

ISPIA’s researchers and collaborators address cybersafety –threats to individual security, privacy, and liberty - through a multidisciplinary and multisector approach that provides practical solutions to a growing problem in our world.

Digital devices, data collection processes, monitoring systems, data analytics, and machine learning all pose threats to individual security and privacy. Our collaborative approach investigates technical, regulatory, and legal solutions to ensure a safe, secure, and free society.

Collaboration and education

ISPIA is committed to developing the next generation of practitioners and researchers, and providing training for professionals to acquire the skills they need to deliver secure systems in their modern workplace.

ISPIA works to establish collaborations across the country to ensure a cybersafe environment for all Canadians. Drawing on expertise at other leading cybersecurity centres across the country who have complementary focus areas, we are developing partnerships and initiating projects that will move Canada to become an international leader in this sector. This strong position is further consolidated by working with the best cybersecurity leaders around the world.

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